How can Social Communication Group Therapy help your child?

Children with social communication disorders or delays are a diverse population.

Some may have speech-language delays, ADHD/ADD, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), or delayed development in the area of play skills resulting from limited opportunities to interact with other children. Children will be grouped by age and development of current social skills.

The social communication group sessions are focused on developing pragmatic language and social cognitive skills necessary to develop and maintain positive social interactions. Each session provides a fun and structured environment to learn and practice skills building upon the previous week’s skill. Participants are encouraged to practice each “skill of the week” outside of the session to further develop skills in natural settings.

Caregivers will be provided with information about how to encourage and reinforce the skills practiced each week at home. By the end of the 6-8 weeks each child will walk away with some more social skills in their tool belt along with some newly formed friends from the group!

Groups forming now for the coming spring and summer. Contact me to begin.